Oakwood Community Champion

Oakwood Residents Association recognises that there are lots of people working really hard in the neighbourhood and making a massive contribution yet getting little recognition or reward. We want to know who these people are so we can say a proper thank you and encourage others.

We hope to be able to make an award once a month with an appropriate thank you reward given to the winner. This will be funded by the ORA or other local sponsor.

People nominated can be any age and live either in or outside of Oakwood, but must have made a significant positive impact on the Oakwood Neighbourhood. Each month a shortlist will be selected by the ORA Award committee with the winner being voted on by the full ORA committee.

Nomination Form
GDPR: By completing this form, you are agreeing to Oakwood Residents Association holding your information for the purpose of choosing a Community Champion. The information is stored securely in accordance with our GPDR policy. How we store and use the data is in compliance with the GDPR 2018 regulations. If you require further information please contact us.
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