Our Projects


Oakwood DFC was originally established as an initiative of ORA becoming officially recognised by the Alzheimers Society in 2018.  The aim is, by engaging with local residents and businesses, to raise awareness of the challenges faced by those living with dementia and to make our community more welcoming for all.

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for more information or if you wish to become involved.



There are lots of people in Oakwood who are working hard to improve our area. It may be by
running a community group, by mowing one of our many green spaces, supporting a neighbour or starting a local initiative. We want to acknowledge these people and say thank you by giving them our Community Champion Award. Nominations can be made by clicking here.



In 2017 ORA, along with the council arranged for the small ditches (bunds) to be dug around the Dipper and Oakwood Park to prevent unauthorised vehicle access. The aim is to seed the bunds with wild flowers to attract insets and make them more attractive in the summer months, particularly along the Dipper. A couple of times a year a team go out and provide some maintenance of these bunds and scatter the wild flower seeds. ORA has also planted in excess of 300 young trees having made successful applications to Grow Wild project.


The Oakwood Christmas Market has been running for 2 years – each year it has grown in size moving from the Community Centre to the Leisure Centre. It is a great fundraiser for the organisation and an opportunity for local crafters and traders to showcase their wares.
Unfortunately, it will not be possible to run it safely in 2020 but we look forward to its return in 2021.

Wallace & Gromit


2020 saw Oakwood's first Scarecrow trail. Over 60 residents created scarecrows and placed them outside their homes. Many more people from the neighbourhood and further afield spent the weekend wandering around Oakwood with their trail maps hunting for them and judging them. 

It was so successful we have now announced the 2021 event. Click here to see our round up of the event and see photos of all the scarecrows. 

If you have an idea for a project you would like to see happen in Oakwood please join us.